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FR-6010/6011 series
Features and uses:

Durable halogen-free phosphonates flame retardant for polyester fabrics.


Appearance:                        Clear highly viscous liquid
Color Number:                     100 max.
Phosphorus, Wt% :               19% min.
Acid Number (mg KOH/g):    20 max.
Density (g/cc @ 25℃):          1.2-1.3
Viscosity @ 25℃( Cps):         2000~7000

Brief introduction

FR-6011A is an efficient phosphonates flame retardant for the treatment of textile products. It is non-corrosive with high phosphorus content, excellent water solubility on a wide range of fabric type. It mainly used in furnishing, curtaining, building, special workwear and automotive applications. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of polyester fabrics, T/C blends and PU coating to impart a finish that is durable to washing and dry-cleaning.


High heat stability and good retain of hand feel and drape after processing
Low volatility and good compatibility to major polymer
Little discoloration after treatment
High durability to washing and good retain of color brightness.
Non-toxicity and high safety.

Typical application process
1. Treatment of polyester fabric and T/C blends
A. Recommendatory formulation
FR-6011A                                              6~15kgs
Water                                                    20kgs      stirred evenly
20% conc.Na2HPO4 or Na2CO3           4~8kgs     pH is buffered to 5.5~6.5
or 25% conc. aqua ammonia       
penetrating agent                                 0.05~0.2kgs  mixed evenly
additional water                                    the formulation was diluted by water to 100kgs.

B. Procedure

1、Fabrics for treatment with flame retardant should be clean and absorbent. Starch and other sizes should be removed before processing.

2、Fabrics shall be treated by padding, dipping according to its composition, weight and texture.

3、120~140℃×60sec., pre-drying

4、High temperature thermo fixation process:

PET fabric:  plain fabric     195~205℃×40~60sec. 
                  knitted fabric  185~205℃×40~60sec. 
PA fabric:                          160~180℃×40~60sec.

5、Cooling, rolling up the treated fabric. To improve the hand feel, fabric can be cleaned again if necessary to remove the un-affixed flame retardant on the fabric.

2. Coating treatment of Polyester fabric and PU fabric
Formulation details


Formulation 1

Formulation 2








The formulation is dried and cured in a single pass at 150℃ for 120 seconds.
The formulation is buffered to pH 5 using Sodium Carbonate. The added amount of soda ash is about 0.4%.

Additional item

1、Required add-on level for polyester fabric is only no less than 1.4% w/w to achieve performance if the flame retardant is affixed effectively on the fabric.

(The above mentioned information is according to our own experience. It is advised to make lab trail and small batch trail before formal treatment to get optimum processing condition.)
2、 If the treatment is completed, after 50 times of washing under 60℃, there is still at least 90% flame retardant on the fabric.
3、 Considering the treatment of high temperature thermo fixation processing, we think it is very important to select suitable dyestuff for polyester fabric, otherwise, discoloration or color fading may occur.
Packaging  70kgs in plastic drum.

Storage and transportation Keep in cool and dry place, away from light.


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