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In order to ensure the supply of raw materials and improve the market competitiveness of the company's products. Jinrui new materials has invested in Ningxia Fengsheng Technology Co., Ltd. Jinrui new material is the second largest shareholder of the company.


Ningxia Fengsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the new material Park of Ningdong energy and chemical industry base, covering an area of about 200 mu. The company mainly produces fluorescent whitening agent and intermediate products, all kinds of textile and plastic flame retardant products. It has equipment such as reaction kettle, distillation kettle, distillation tower, centrifuge, vacuum pump, etc. besides the general chemical synthesis process technical conditions, it also has the qualification of chlorine, epoxy and other dangerous processes. According to the standard, the company has built public works and ancillary facilities such as sewage treatment, waste gas treatment, solid waste treatment, fire protection, power transformation and distribution.


The company mainly produces two series of products - fluorescent whitening agent and flame retardant. Fluorescent brighteners are mainly used to produce Er, PF, fp-127, OB-1, ob, KCB, KSN and other products as well as some intermediates for the above products. The main production of flame retardant series includes polyester fabric durable / non durable flame retardant series, cotton durable / non durable flame retardant series, YV flame retardant and other products and some raw materials of flame retardant. Such as trimethyl phosphite, triethyl phosphite, n-hydroxymethyl-3 - (dimethoxyphosphonyl) Propionamide, etc. At the same time, it also has all the licenses that require the license of China's MCCs.


Ningxia Fengsheng

Fengsheng office building and plant equipment in Ningxia

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