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FR-CP series
Features and uses:

Durable flame retardant suitable for cotton fabrics.

Main Chemical Composition       Organic phosphonate

Appearance                           Colourless or slightly yellow highly viscous liquid
Viscosity, cp·s                        600~900

Density, g∕cmз                          1.25~1.35

pH                                           5-6
Active content, wt%                80% ±2


  • Durable flame retardant suitable for cellulostic fibres
  • No affect on the strength and durability of the fibre
  • Retains good handling properties after processing
  • High durability to washing and dry-cleaning
  • High heat stability, non-toxic & safe to use.

Typical application processes

Flame retardant FR-CP                     380~400g/l   
Crosslinking agent       MH resin      80~100 g/l
Softener                                            20~40 g/l
Phosphoric acid                               18~20g g/l
Penetration accelerator                     0~3g/l
Finishing process
Dipping twice and padding twice, pickup 65-70%→ drying  (105℃, 4-5min.)→ curing (155℃, 4 min;165℃~170℃, 2-3min.)→ neutralization( soda ash: 2g/l, soap:3g/l; 60℃,3min) →washing → drying

Packaging  50kgs in plastic drum.

Storage and Transportation Handle with care, Keep in dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.


This technical information is for reference only. Processing and formulation should be adjusted according to real conditions.

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