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Welcome to Hangzhou GenReal New Materials Co., Ltd.
GenReal New Materials       Date:2020-09-28

As a high-tech enterprise, GenReal centers on the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of textile chemicals and plastic chemicals with an excellent team who have worked in the chemical specialties industry for decades. GenReal has set up the center of administration, R&D, marketing and manufacture base in Zhejiang and Ningxia. With the strong background of technology and well experienced team, GenReal has successfully developed and provided a wide range of specialty chemicals for textile and plastic industry: halogen-free flame retardants; optical brightening agents; PVC nontoxic stabilizers; odors and flavors absorbents, etc. Based on the core concept: “win-win with all parties concerned”, we are committed to our customers’ benefits with high quality and technology products, professional services and honest business activities. GenReal wishes grow with our customers and friends to achieve the prosperous future.

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